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 How to be promoted and how to be demoted(MUST READ!!!! )

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PostSubject: How to be promoted and how to be demoted(MUST READ!!!! )   Wed May 27, 2009 3:51 pm

You want to be promoted?? Follow these and you'll have a chance to be promoted:

How to be promoted:
- First of all, CONTRIBUTE!!!!!
- Follow the rules.
- Contribute more!
- Do not piss the mods, including me.
- Just Contribute!!
- Don't spam, contribute!!
- Don't bug us by asking "Can I be a mod?". Asking such nonsense questions will be ignored and may result to a warning.
- Don't get tired of contributing, you'll get promoted soon.
- Be nice!!!
- Last of all, contribute.

For mods: You don't want to be demoted?? Read this!!!!!

How to get demoted:
- Flaming.
- Spamming more.
- Abusing the fame system.
- More Spamming.
- Abuse of power. Like editing someone's post just for fun or warning and banning people without reasons. That's a grave offense.
- Never get tired of spamming.
- Maybe MonMon doesn't like you.
- When will you stop spamming???
- Impeachment(Nah I can't think of one more).
- Lastly, spammingjust like what am I doing.

Phew what a speechThat's all.
-Skyress and The Lounge Team
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How to be promoted and how to be demoted(MUST READ!!!! )
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