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 Our Roleplaying game!!

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PostSubject: Our Roleplaying game!!   Thu May 28, 2009 1:41 pm

What is Agents?
Agents is our official roleplaying game besides the RP Forum. Some of its cool facilities include:
- Experience
- Field Stats which includes:
- Power
- Agility and
- I.Q.
- Codename
- Your chosen field
- Enables you to use your Lounge Dollars.

Field Stats:
- Strength- The use of strength gives you extra amounts of Reputation when accomplishing a mission or a Quest.For example....You have 3 strength then you accomplished a certain mission/Quest then you will receive equal amounts of Reputation From the Mission/Quest maker depending on your strength.
- Agility- You can use the amount of agility to bail you out of warnings.For have 4 warnings and 3 agility, you can use the amount of agility you have to remove warnings and that is 3 agility when used will remove 3 from the 4 warnings which turns your warning into 1.
- I.Q- MonMon can't think of any use of the I.Q. yet.

Fields Include:
- Hitman
- Bounty Hunter
- Free Lancer
- Soldiers
- Negotiators

Other Infos:
- The wage bar- means the amount of Lounge Dollar you will get after you have finished a mission.For example...You have 25/200 wage amount then you have successfully accomplished a certain mission then the amount of Lounge Dollars you will get is equal to the number of Wage Amount Bar you have and that is 25 so you get 25 Lounge Dollars.
- The Pay Multiplier-means that the amount of Lounge Dollar you will get from a Mission is multiplied.The number of Pay Multiplier depends on how many missions you have accomplished.For have 2 Pay Multiplier on your Field stat that means the Number of Lounge Dollars you will Receive, Depending on your Wage Amount Bar, will be multiplied by 2.In simple terms:(Wage amount bar 25/200, Received Lounge Dollar is 25, Pay Multiplier is 2, then Lounge Dollar received is now equal to 50 since we multiplied it by 2)

- Only Dons and Underboss can make quest/s
- If you want to join a quest/s, PM the one who made the quest/s

How to Join:
- just PM me or MonMon. Your PM should include the following:
- Chosen Field(don't worry, you can change your chosen field)
- Desired codename(still changeable)

Why join in this?
Because I'll award the strongest Agent of the month and the strongest Agent of the year!!!! I'll give a surprise prize for the winner.

So what you're waiting for? Join now!!

- Skyress and The Lounge Team
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Our Roleplaying game!!
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