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 Advertising strategies and suggestions by your fellow Lounge member James.

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James St.John

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PostSubject: Advertising strategies and suggestions by your fellow Lounge member James.   Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:04 pm

Hey there. I am new to the site and i see it's future can be very bright. But you got to admit the site lacks members. So, when we see our site dying (because it IS dying), what do we do?
I got permission to put this on the Announcements section, so all of you read it.

Advertising strategies and suggestions by your fellow Lounge member James.

Generally, the site is well build, has some cool features, so we just need advertising. And all of you can do something, cant you?
In order to advertise the site we follow these steps:

1) Ok, advertising the site can be pretty easy. The easiest thing to do is invite friends. Remember, the site is for everything, not just specific things. So, if a friend of yours is interested in these kind of sites, invite him. If he still refuses to come, tranquilize!

2) Then advertise the Lounge in any site you are registered too. Carefull, if advertising is strictly banned, then refer "accidentically" to the site now and then. What i mean: (in a music site) "Oh, man, nice song! I will download it, but i have no free time, i spend it all in the Lounge!" Ofcourse someone will ask what the hell is the Lounge. Then you explain and invite him. If you do this in every site you know..

3) Stay logged in! I was chating with this guy the other day, we were using another site's chat box. He was a complete stranger, so i asked him to join. He said: "Nah, what for?" Let me tell you something. If visiors see that no one is logged in, its like we're telling them:
"Hello people. Welcome to the Lounge, but unfortunately the site is dying. So, you better go register somewhere else".
Thats what someone who wants to register in our site sees.

4) Keywords. I really don't know how this works, but Monmon should "boost" the site's keywords. A lot of keywords should do it. Example: Monmon should change the site title to: The Lounge: where you can discuss anything. Music, tv shows, movies, experiences, stories, etc. And many other "most-searchable" keywords.

Thats all. If you really want to save our site, thats what you need to do. Sorry for grammar mistakes, its morning here and i haven't had a coffe yet, so.. If i havent said something or you have some ideas for advertising/content PM me and i'll make sure i add your suggestion. May the Force be with you (wtf.. oh yea, still morning..).

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Advertising strategies and suggestions by your fellow Lounge member James.
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